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Lown Performance

Fuel Filter Wrench Keychain

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$20.00 USD
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$20.00 USD

Is your hand tightened fuel filter too tight to remove? We can help, This wrench is for removal only, it can be used to tighten but we recommend snugging the filter housing by hand. Save your plastic filter from the Jaws of a pair of channel locks!

We can offer them with any model number you fancy or blank. We also offer different colors, but if your tools are as bad as ours are about hiding. You may want to go with the orange!

Available in Iron Grey, Shark Gray, Snowblind, Kubota Orange, and Wrinkle Black Powder Coat.

When ordering for a specific model, please indicate the model number in the box at checkout.

We have a $5 contiguous U.S. flat shipping rate as far as shipping charges. We strive to offer the best value we can to our customers!