How do I install my new grille guard? 

1. It is generally easiest to install the lower "chin guard" first. The chin guard uses two of the factory bolts used by the factory loader frame - these are a 22 mm or 7/8''. Remove only the bottom two bolts. 
2. Slide the chin guard into place while starting the two factory bolts through the rear tabs. The two straps and four 3/8'' bolts are used to affix the front of the chin guard. Simply insert them with a washer through the 4 front bolt holes of the chin guard. The 2 straps will fit over the studs you have inserted into the chin guard. 
3. Snug all bolts evenly until the guard is pulled evenly against the lower guard of the tractor. 
4. The upper guard is installed next. It is best to have four clamps so that you can affix the upper guard temporarily to verify fitment with the lower guard. The upper guard generally goes behind the chin guard (lower portion), allowing the upper guard to fold forward. 
5. You will need a 5/16'' drill bit once you have located and clamped the upper guard where it fits best. Before drilling it is best to verify guard clearance by folding the factory guard forward a few times. Adjusting as necessary until you are happy with the overall fit. 
6. Enjoy the look of your new grille guard while more fully protecting your tractor!
Please feel free to reach out via email at lownperformance@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns! The pictures below are also to aid with installation.
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