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Kubota Diff Lock Pedal for LX Models

Kubota Diff Lock Pedal for LX Models

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Now offering the LX Diff Lock Pedal.
Customers love our existing Diff Lock pedals, we've received a lot of requests for the LX pedal and now we've got it! 


Tired of your muddy boots slipping off of the lackluster diff lock "pedal"?

We were too! Introducing one of our newest products. The LX Grip Pedal! The name speaks for itself. As do the pictures!

The pedal bolts on with 2-5/16" bolts. Stainless steel hardware included! Easily installed within minutes. Please note that this product is not compatible with the cab/enclosed models.

This pedal is one of our favorite small mods, that makes all the difference in operating our Kubota.


** Please note LX Pedal is not compatible with the Enclosed CAB models. **

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