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Lown Performance

Kubota Chin Guard Only

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$94.00 USD

Do you already own a grille guard and simply need "chin" protection? Look no further.

Introducing the Standard L (to include L4701), MX, and Grand L bolt-on Chin Guard for those who want to purchase the item separately.

New and improved chin guard design lessens potential interference with the upper guard when tilting forward.

Now including stainless steel hardware! Zinc-plated hardware is weather resistant and will stand up to the elements as most Kubota fasteners on our tractors are zinc-plated (all factory loader frame hardware.) However, given some of the more extreme environments that tractors are exposed to, we decided to make the option standard for our customers for added insurance that corrosion will not be an issue.

Our items are made to order, so please allow a 4-5-week production lead time and 1-5 business day shipping as we carefully craft your order from scratch! As a small business, we do everything in our power to expedite this lead time so that your tractor can be protected sooner!

Chin guard is bolted on with supplied chin straps and hardware (no drilling).

We have a $15 contiguous U.S. flat shipping rate as far as shipping charges. We strive to offer the best value we can to our customers!

This option is currently for the Standard L, MX, and Grand L Series.