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BMW E36 Diff Cover Mount for E30

BMW E36 Diff Cover Mount for E30

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This is a beta part that is available but undergoing constant development.  **

For all of our customers but especially the V8 guys and gals!

Currently, this kit allows you to bolt in an E36 diff cover with reluctor clearancing/replacing left to the customer.

We are actively working on a full kit to utilize the E30 speed sensor reluctor so the install of the e36 reluctor is not required. As well as an e36 integrated diff cover brace. Stay tuned!!

This particular kit allows you to leave the more difficult to remove spot-welded portion of the OEM mount. Cut as much as you can and grind to the flat portion. Paint with underbody coating to prevent rusting or corrosion of cut portion. 

Install supplied cover plates over those flat portions that remain. They can be welded to the brace by us here in the shop or once bolted into your E30 by you. 

There are 8 total bolting locations on this mount. 2 through the factory tube and 6 through the floor of your trunk. Carriage bolts with upper plates in the trunk guarantee you have a discreet yet incredibly strong attachment of your rear diff. 

There are full weld kits available that do not have bolt tabs, as well as kits without side plate notches for guys that want to remove all of the OEM mounts by drilling the spot welds. 

The kit will include a fully welded mount, powder-coated with bolts, and all needed parts to install into your e30 using an e36 diff cover.

You supply E36 diff cover. Your drill and grinder with a cut-off wheel. The current model requires the use of an e36 speed reluctor wheel in E30 diff or clearancing of E36 cover and spacing of E30 speed sensor.

As mentioned above. Complete kit that addresses speed sensor reluctor coming soon. 

Integrated rear strut brace in progress as well. 

As with our other products. Send us an email, call or text with any questions or requests. 

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