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Kubota Extreme Grille Guard Upper Guard Only

Kubota Extreme Grille Guard Upper Guard Only

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 Our guards are plasma cut from 11 gauge (1/8") steel, then put through a cleaning and preparation process to ensure a long-lasting and durable finish. Our guards are then powder-coated in the color of your choosing.  We currently offer Kubota Orange, Wrinkle Black, and Iron Grey. 

The guards are rolled through our slip roller to match the bow of the OEM guard. However, they are left approximately an inch from the matching arc. This is intentional, mild pressure will seat the guard to the factory guard frame. This preloads the guard when installed to match your guard arc. The mounting tabs are also slotted to help accommodate this. 

Available within our store with the chin guard included (based on selection). Our Chin guard option protects the lower portion of your tractor as well as our chain bucket option, the chin guard has the ability to hold chains but requires flipping the upper guard forward in order to access it. 

Grille guard will come with all hardware to bolt onto the front of your existing Loader grille guard. Four holes 5/16" in diameter are required making the guard removable if needed. (Durable 5/16" drill bits are available within our store listings.)

Proudly made in the USA 

Our items are made to order, so please allow a 1-2-week production lead time and 1-5 business day shipping as we carefully craft your order from scratch! As a small business, we do everything in our power to expedite this lead time so that your tractor can be protected sooner!

 When selecting your guard, use your loader model. This ensures you will receive the guard with the correct dimensions. Please note that the LA525 does not fit the LA526.

Please reference the install guide listed under our FAQs tab for installation.

We price match the competition, so please do not hesitate to reach out. We do not want you to compromise because of the price!

We have a $30 contiguous U.S. flat shipping rate as far as shipping charges. We strive to offer the best value we can to our customers!

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