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Modification Required, L3901 Kubota Grille Guard

Modification Required, L3901 Kubota Grille Guard

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Previous model L3901 Kubota Grille Guard with Modification Requirments for proper fitment 

As with our standard L guards, these allow full service and functionality of factory. That includes being able to flip the guard away from the hood for service. These are mounted with 4-5/16" bolts (included) All you need to supply is the drill bit! Chin guards simply bolt-on with supplied hardware.

The guards are rolled through our slip roller to match the bow of the OEM guard. However, they are left approximately an inch from the matching arc. This is intentional. Mild pressure will seat the guard to the factory guard frame. This preloads the guard when installed to match your guard arc. The mounting tabs are slotted to help accommodate this.

Please reference the install guide listed under our FAQs tab for installation.

We have a $30 contiguous U.S. flat shipping rate as far as shipping charges. We strive to offer the best value we can to our customers!

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