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BMW E30 Sunroof Delete Panel

BMW E30 Sunroof Delete Panel

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Looking to delete your sunroof for track purposes? We offer weld-in as well as screw/rivet-in panels. (20ga)

The weld in panels are slightly oversized(1/16") this allows the fitment to be massaged for the differences between openings on every E30. 

The screw/rivet-in panels are 1" larger around the circumference and have 3/16" holes with 2" spacing around the circumference. So either screws or rivets will work great! It is recommended to use a sealer between the top of the car and panel to prevent leakage and corrosion. 

We can also customize these panels in any way you wish, thicker, thinner, more holes, fewer holes, and even no holes. Let us know how we can suit your project!

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