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BBQ Meat Cow (With Parts Labeled)

BBQ Meat Cow (With Parts Labeled)

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Love barbecue? Know someone who does? This item is a favorite gift for everyone's favorite bbq lover! This cow can be found in a few butcher shops and graces the homes of bbq masters! Maybe you are the next person to purchase this must-have for every pit master/BBQ enthusiast.

It is a large item at about 2 and a half feet long from nose to tail and 2 feet tall from hoof to head.

Our products are made to last and can be made in all sizes. We can make custom modifications to this piece, adding your own unique touches to them. For additional sizes, colors and custom designs feel free to contact us for a quote a or call 803-814-2376

Please note: This product may have sharp edges.

Items not powder coated may leave residue on your hands being that it is made from natural steel that will continue to rust in the outdoors.

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